We combine our creativity, flair and passion, to produce beautiful, pure, delicious handmade baked delights.

The fabulous Teoni’s Cookies team, bring dreams of creating the most delicious handmade cookies a reality.

Creating new, unique captivating recipes, alongside our distinctive, time honoured, prestigious oat crunch cookies.

We weigh all our ingredients by hand and use the best quality natural ingredients in everything we bake.

Our head baker checks every cookie batch at each stage of its journey throughout the bakery to make sure it is perfect.

We use the finest flavours for our products, all Free from any artificial colours, additives, flavours, preservatives and

certainly no GM ingredients.

All the products are packed full of delicious inclusions and baked to perfection.

All hand made, hand labelled and hand packaged, because we take extra special care.

Starting in my farmhouse kitchen, and being inspired by my love of great food, I couldn’t find a really good natural cookie for my children to enjoy.  So I decided to put on my apron and get baking.

Adapting an old traditional recipe and experimenting with many fabulous local ingredients, I created many natural and delicious flavoured cookies, all with great approval from my children.  After being asked by everyone who tried them to bake more, it was clear that my next step was to share my passion and take these baked delights to the local Farmers Markets.

We grew very quickly and have continued to move into bigger premises through-out the years and finally found our home here in Willand.  We are now located just 5 miles away from where these superb cookies were originally founded.

While our company continues to grow, so does our wonderful ranges.  My team and I always continue to uphold the fundamental principles that I stated with. Creating the most delicious cookies made with great passion and devotion to the superior quality.

I’m delighted to say that our cookies can be enjoyed all over the world from the Dipped Stem Ginger, Dipped Chocolate Chip and Strawberries & Cream shortbread still being the most popular flavours available today!

We love to think Green!  We care about the world we live in, we are focused on sustainability and our environmental efficiency.

We are proud that we make a great deal of charitable donations through-out each and every year to a wide range of charities.  Some of which are personally very close to my heart.

Our motivation, simple, to make the best cookies and bring happiness to the world, one cookie at a time.