A butter shortbread biscuit, coated in a blanket of rich chocolate, an absolute must.  Complimented with four fabulous toppings, just beautiful.

Chocolate & Coconut

Rich dark chocolate coating a melt in the mouth butter shortbread biscuit, topped with flakes of coconut, fresh and luxurious.

Chocolate & Honeycomb

Smooth dark chocolate coated shortbread with a fabulous crunch of the golden honeycomb pieces, a rich crunchy biscuit.

Chocolate & Pistachio

Butter shortbread coated in Dark chocolate, pistachios nut pieces sprinkled over the top to show a flash of green delight and a super nutty taste.

Chocolate & Raspberry

A fabulously dark rich chocolate coated butter shortbread, decorated with delicious freeze dried raspberries, beautiful colour combinations and super contrasting taste.