dipped oat crunch


The best just got better…….our perfectly handmade oat crunch cookies and then dipped into rich chocolate, what a beautiful addition, rich and gorgeously sumptuous.  We have got all you chocolate lovers tastes covered, with offerings of Dark, Milk and White chocolate because we care….

Dipped Banoffee

One on my firm favourites, a perfect mix of total yumminess.  This handmade oat crunch cookie, is first dipped, in our special blended, luxury banana flavoured caramel, then coated in a rich dark chocolate, wonderful and totally delicious.

Dipped Chocolate Chip

We have packed in delicious dark chocolate chips and then coated in a rich dark chocolate, dedicated to the fabulous chocolate lovers of the world…..

Dipped Cranberry

Beautiful juicy red cranberries compliment this superb oat crunch cookie, dipped in a perfectly luxurious white chocolate, super combination of the crunch, chewy and richness, wonderful….

Dipped Stem Ginger

One of our best sellers, delightfully full of crystallised stem ginger and coated in a rich dark chocolate, you get the crunch then the warmth from the ginger then the richness of the dark chocolate, in a word, lovely….

Dipped White Chocolate Chip

Full of luxurious creamy white chocolate chips and then dipped in a fabulously rich white chocolate, beautiful and totally delicious…