oat crunch


Our superb classic handmade oat crunch cookies, in a range of delicious flavours.  These scrumptious, firm, crunchy cookies, are packed full of nutritious oats, which perfectly compliment the added flavour delights.  All perfectly irresistible…

Apple Pie

Our take on a favourite family pudding.  Super tasty pieces of apple, delicately spiced with cinnamon in a beautiful blend.  Together these flavours create one really gorgeous cookie.  Superb on its or or why not tried warmed up a little (be careful can get hot). Relax and enjoy every fabulous bite…

Chocolate Chip

Full of smooth delicious dark chocolate chips, absolutely perfect for chocolate lovers.


A really lovely flavour cookie, full of chunky, smooth fudge pieces.

Maple & Pecan

This one was inspired from my childhood, grandma’s warm Pecan Pie.  These comforting flavours are perfectly captured in this cookie blend. Irresistible combination….


We carefully place by hand, a whole marshmallow on top of the cookie before baking.  Emerges from the oven as a deliciously tempting melted marshmallow topped cookie. (sorry not suitable for our vegetarian friends).

Stem Ginger

These wholesome Stem Ginger cookies are totally bursting with flavour.  Baked with our blend of stem and ground ginger that you will just love.  Perfect accompaniment with a cuppa and ideal to dunk….