oat crumble


We think here at Teoni’s that these are simply the best tasting Gluten Free cookies ever. Totally glorious and super tasty. A true oat crumble delight.  Packed full of the most wholesome oats and delightfully Gluten Free.  In three tasty flavours, tasty and perfectly chewy Cranberry, a delightful spiced mix and the ever moreish White Chocolate and Pistachio … we can not get enough of these …..

Gluten Free

These delightful oat crumbles are bursting with tasty cranberries giving this cookie such a delicious flavour. Gently baked to make it a really superb cookie. Perfect anytime and also wonderful crumbled up on ice cream!

Gluten Free
Super Spice

Now these are amazing. Such a fantastic flavour, it’s hard not to finish the whole box, delicately spiced with a mixed spice. With notes of ginger, cinnamon, coriander, fennel, cloves, cardamom and nutmeg. We think a wonderful oat crumble cookie!

Gluten Free
White Chocolate & Pistachio

Our best seller in this range, which must be due to the superb combination of creamy delicious white chocolate chips and super tasting pistachio nuts. Makes for a fantastic flavour of cookie.